New England Summer and Patterns with a Whip!

Here on the coast of New England, the sun is warm, the nights cool and our days too short. So much to enjoy. Porches, veggie gardens, plovers nesting in the wildlife refuge, fantastic farmer markets and perhaps best of all, when the windows are open, the breeze from the salt water marshes reminds us that we really are in the place where the sea meets the land. The salt water marshes anchor and inspire us. Their ever changing colors and textures connect us to the real and the authentic.

In June we released 6 new patterns with 3 more in the works for September. We are thrilled with the response from store owners at TNNA and with all of you who are leaving comments on line.

Of course, I love all the patterns but # 125 Child's Whipped Vest and # 123 Whipped Blankets have me spending as much time "whipping" as knitting and the visual effect is graphic and clear. Like a hidden treasure. "Whipping" draws you in for further inspection, No 2 stitches the same.  So simple. So stunning.

The edge adds an organic feel and depending on the color you choose it can be wild, edgy or gentle. The vest is knit in Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky, and depending on the size takes 2-3 balls, a weekend project.

The blanket pattern is designed in 2 weights of Brown Sheep, Bulky and Burley Spun. Three different stitch patterns are provided to create blankets for  all knitters, from  beginner to advanced. Use a contrasting color in any weight to whip the finished edges and enjoy!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments. Now back to knitting!