Pine Island Blanket, #144
Drift Blanket, #142
Outer Baby Blanket, #106

January marks the first month and the time for new beginnings. What better time to celebrate a new baby? What better time to start a baby blanket that will commemorate a birth, become a baby's best friend and perhaps become a treasured family heirloom?

My own family is welcoming two new babies. My mom's first great grandchildren and my brother's first grandchildren. My brother's two sons and their wives are each expecting June babies!!  I have six brothers and sisters...can you imagine the welcome these babies will receive?

Whether you live near or far from a new baby, please join me in knitting the perfect blanket for the baby you know. Or perhaps, for the baby you do not know. Many places welcome baby blankets for those who need them most.
A new month, a newborn, a new pattern!  Whether light and airy for the warmer climates, or warm and lofty for a brisk winter stroller walk, a baby blanket is the perfect January project. These blankets inspire me. I hope they will inspire you!