Our Gift To You.

Our gift to you this holiday season. 

The SUNDAY COWL, a twist on a traditional broken rib. The 2 row repeat forms an elegant pattern, a piece of fabric. Done in any color light or dark, the shadows of the stitches make this architectural pattern even more interesting. It is fun and quick to knit with a lovely rhythm and close to 2" of ease for blocking. 

The Sunday Cowl can be worn close to the neck or looser with more drape. Either way it is the perfect cowl. Perhaps it will also be the perfect gift for many on your list. Do make time to knit one for you!

The Baby Bumble

The BABY BUMBLE #012, one of my very first knitting patterns, is still one of my favorites.  I fell in love with the simple process of visualizing a design, deciding on each design element, the basic shape, size, stitch, gauge and color to create the whole.  The bee buttons, always an odd number, are the perfect finishing touch.

The Fibre Company has inspired me again with Organik, in the color lichen, a warm golden yellow, a great color for any BABY BUMBLE #012 and a classic baby hat made new again!

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What colors will you choose?

Falling into your summer...

Are you, like me, just now falling into your summer rhythm?

Fall into this beautiful field, grab your yarn and needles and sit in the cool shade of the barn, and relax with our newest MAC & ME design, the Drift Blanket, Pattern #142

It is the perfect project to carry gently into fall.
                                Morning Sadhana Hat, #137                                            Spring Cowl, #138

The snowdrops have popped on the sunny side of our country road which means those of us on the "other" side have 10-14 days before we get to see our own gentle blossoms, but they are there, under the fresh 14" of snow that fell over the weekend.

In the sunny afternoon you can hear the melting, running, dripping water rolling off the roof and down the road. The first inklings of snow melting, the smell of earth and buds coming back to life. 

Here are 2 quick little projects to ease you into spring, to keep you from the lingering winter chill. Each made with 2 hanks of Lobster Pot Cashmere... soft gentle texture, drape and a bit spring color.
Have you ever wondered how many shades of red Crayola crayons there are?  We did, and learned that Crayola makes 23 shades of red crayons.  Does a brand new box of crayons make your fingers tingle, creativity flow?  Just the way you feel when you are surrounded by gorgeous yarns of many colors and textures?  There is really NOTHING like finding just the right color to fit your project. 

Working together with Lobster Pot Yarns we found this gorgeous "Boiled Lobster" red and look what happened!  Subtle, gentle color and twisted rib.  Hats for every size, with a beautiful shape and drape.  The perfect hat in the perfect color.  

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"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" - Albert Einstein

Winter is a wonderful time to really sink your teeth into a project. Stretch your mind. Look at yarn in a new way. Learn more about textures. Try soft merinos, rugged hand spuns, cashmere's or alpaca. Learn what's enough and when to add more. Thick yarn or thin? Have a blast with colors. Try one new idea and you will be on your way to endless variations. Piles of projects all over. Brain candy. 

As Einstein said, "Creativity is contagious." 

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