Primitive Rug Hooker

6-9" Cut Wool Scraps 
from Finished Rugs
I love easing into the sleepy summer months of July and August, when time seems to be on my side. These are the days when I find pleasure in sitting on our screened in porch, drinking morning coffee, sometimes swatching stitches that intrigue me. But more often these days, I hook. Yes, I admit it, I’m a primitive rug hooker. 

Hooking and knitting have the same appeal for me. Both lead me to rich colors and interesting designs and textures. Searching for the perfect wool colors that will make a rug unique leads me to Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift stores looking for discarded wool coats or skirts in many hues. Once the garments are cut apart, washed and slightly felted, they are ready to be cut into strips and hooked in patterns that can both sing and comfort.

Perhaps you will also find rug hooking a great addition to your needlework. We hope that your summer allows for a change of pace, a chance to feel refreshed, a time to allow your creativity to hum. Please do share your projects with us! We would love to see them! 

Finished Rug June 2012 (26 x 40")